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Post  Admin on Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:31 am

I decided to make this guide so that there is a uniform set of guidelines that all mods can follow.

1 or 2 blocks - Ignore and fix
Several blocks - Caution player, demote to default if deemed serious enough
Reasonable area - demote to default, roll back area affected
Large area - Roll back player first, then ban

Offensive behavior:
Small amount of bickering / occasional swearing - ignore
Disrupting other players - Caution player, temp mute if necessary
Constant offensive behavior - Mute player, if refuse to behave kick or ban

The in game commands system can be confusing, so I have listed the main commands available to help maintain the server.
(replace Name with the offending player)

/kick Name
Kicks the player

/ban Name
Bans the player from the server

/jail name Jail1
Sends the player to jail where they cannot use any commands or break / place blocks

/unjail name
Releases a jailed player

/mute name
Stops a player talking

/unmute name
Allows player to talk again

/weather clear
Clears up any rain that may be causing server lag

/mandemote Name Default
Demotes a player to Noob status, they cannot build or use most of the commands

/manuadd Name Builder
Promotes a player to Player status, all normal permissions are allowed

/Hawk Tool
Enables the use of a normal tree log which when placed or punched with, tells the mod who has broken or placed a block in that area so they can demote / kick griefers.
/Hawk here 10
See all the edits in a ten block radius bigger then ten blocks is not normally needed.


/Hawk Rollback P:Name R:20
This command rolls back all the actions of a player in a radius of 20 blocks from where you stand. Radius can be increased but it is not advised. Please do not roll back an entire players history as this can cause things to break, unless they have only joined the server recently.

/hawk undo
Should undo the last action you rolled back


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